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Elite Care

Elite Care

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At Elite we are dedicated to federal employees and getting them the help they need after being hurt on the job.

Claim Assistance


Know Your Rights Under the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act of 1916, known as FECA, you have the right to file a claim when injured on the job or when working in pain. 

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Experienced Advocates Working For You

If you work for the federal government and have been injured on the job, selecting a team that is knowledgeable on the entire process is key.  At Elite Medical, we bring a team of experts to each case to help you with everything from filing your claim, to being seen by one our OWCP doctors, assisting you with your compensation needs, and everything in-between. 

Your health and the management of your claim is our priority.  We strive to handle each case promptly, efficiently, and timely with the respect and dignity you deserve.

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  •  We handle all aspects of claims management AND medical services
  • We have subject matter experts on our staff to help with every step
  • Our network includes qualified DOL approved doctors, therapy centers, specialists, imaging centers, and surgeons
  • ZERO Out of Pocket expenses upfront
  • Assistance in filing for lost wages and continuation of pay
  • We specialize in Dept of Labor of Workers Compensation claims

From Paperwork to Back to Work, and Everything In-Between!